Nano CBD reportedly has an increased rate of cellular uptake and absorption rate than other types of CBD. It may work more quickly and intensely. Our handcrafted nano CBD & full sprectrum hemp oil roll on offers the power of both nano CBD and full sprectrum CBD rich hemp oil to bring powerful relief. We also add herbal infused trauma oil, organic and wildcrafted essential oils, and jojoba oil as a carrier in the all natural relief product. Useful for sore joints and muscles, may help to ease headache.


Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, trauma oil (Hypericum Perforatum (St. John’s Wort, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) infused olive oil),  nano CBD, raw CBD rich hemp paste, CBD isolate, Copaifera officinalis (balsam copaiba)*, Lavendula angustafolia* (lavender), Mentha x piperita (peppermint)*, and Romarinus officinalis (rosemary)*  essential oils  *organic or wildcrafted.

Handcrafted nano CBD & Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Roll On (100mg CBD)