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Handcrafted products that support the mind, body, and soul

I have a passion for helping people feel better naturally. 

I've used aromatherapy with my family and clients for years and then I discovered the power of CBD. 

CBD or cannabidiol has been a game changer for many of my clients. It helps ease muscle and joint aches and soothes the skin. 

I take pride in handcrafting and offering products that use the gifts of nature: essential oils, herbal infused oils, herbal extracts, and unrefined carrier oils.

I handcraft these products in small batches and can even customize products for clients. 

I'm trained as a scientist, aromatherapist, cosmetic chemist, with intensive studies of the science and benefits of cannabinoids and how to formulate with them.

These days you can buy CBD products anywhere, If you're looking for handcrafted products made with organic and natural ingredients that seek to unlock the synergistic benefits of CBD and natural ingredients you're in the right place.

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